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Balsamic Glaze Pomegranate – 250ml


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White balsamic glaze pomegranate combines PAN balsamic vinegar with fresh Greek pomegranate juice, standing out for its deep, bright rosy colour and bouquet bursting with rich aromas of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. On the palate, concentrated must is a perfect alternative to sugar, as it provides an excellent balance, harmoniously complementing the acidity of the pomegranate without undermining it. Enjoy over freshly sliced tomatoes, with or without the fresh mozzarella, green salads enriched with orange or pomegranate, and goat cheese bruschettas. Use it to glaze pork and turkey, or in marinades and sauces for chicken or beef. Pair ideally with sweet-tasting spice, such as cinnamon, or trickle over ice cream, especially vanilla or kaymak, for a surprising treat. This product has no added sugar.