Magimix 3200XL Satin Food Processor


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Out of stock

Commercial Quality and Functionality

With a 2.6 litre shatter proof bowl and powerful 650watt direct drive induction motor, the FP3200xl will make 600grams of pastry and liquidise up to 1 litre of thick soup.

Xtra Large feed tube for faster processing and less preparation time.

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Ideal for the average family.

Unique features include:

  • Commercial grade direct drive induction motor.
  • Easy to use with only three buttons. The Magimix adjusts its speed automatically to the job requirements.
  • Blades and discs, manufactured by Sabatier – France’s best knife manufacturer, that do not require further sharpening.
  • Shatterproof bowls are made of polycarbonate as used in aircraft windows.
  • Included mini-bowl and blade allows easy preparation of small quantities.

The Magimix will:

Mince – Mix – Crush Ice – Knead – Grind – Beat – Liquidise – Slice – Emulsify – Grate.

The Magimix comes complete with: main bowl and lid, midi bowl, mini bowl and blade, large chopping blade, dough blade, geared egg whisk, recipe book and two grating / slicing discs. All stored in a handy accessory box.

• Large range of optional accessories available.

• Complete with a comprehensive warranty of 30 years motor / 3 years parts and accessories.

Fast, versatile and very simple to use, Magimix is like a second pair of hands in the kitchen.